• Let's Fix our State

    Vermonters need a break. We need our cost of living decreased and our freedoms increased. We need safe schools and smooth roads. With your vote and your help, together, we can do this!
  • Farms Close, Bureaucracy Grows

    Vermont's regulatory constraints swell each year even as the number of dairy farms diminishes. Farms close, bureaucracy grows.


Free Our Economy

In order for Vermonters to thrive economically, heavy tax and regulatory burdens must be lifted. Government waste and excess must be reduced, along with overly burdensome restrictions on new and existing businesses. [Read more...]

Save The Pensions

Vermont's teachers, and state and municipal workers, have been promised pension benefits and health insurance support that has been grossly underfunded. We propose to accurately quantify the actual obligations, and keep those promises. [Read more...]

Opioids Epidemic

Among other plans, we propose to improve counseling services for parents of substance abusers, for pregnant women, and for those who wish to wean off Medically Assisted Treatment. [Read more...]

Preserve Local Schools

Act 46 is unpopular for good reason, and should be repealed. Vermont has the highest cost per student in the nation for education, as a function of median income. Not every school is the same: creative options are being considered, including increased school choice through income-sensitive subsidies, and possibly privatizing some underperforming schools. [Read more...]